Social media marketing is essentially something everyone is doing in some form or fashion. Established businesses and small local businesses, alike, everyone is chomping at the bit to make their brand presence felt on social networks. It is no wonder, though– that is where the crowd is. Over 75% of American’s use social media, the worldwide count this year reached 2.34 billion. With that being said, here are some common social media marketing mistakes that most marketers make.

  • Why do some social media marketing activities fail?
  • Why are some Facebook and Twitter pages popular and not others?
  • Why are your competitors doing better in social media marketing?
  • What promises are you making but not catering to?

Everyone makes mistakes, make too many mistakes, and your following will decrease – along with your revenue stream. As with all mistakes, the first step is becoming aware of them; then you can be more readily able to avoid repeat-mistakes.

Here are the top social media marketing mistakes that you should not make when marketing:

  1. Not creating a social media marketing strategy, building your existing presence is top priority. Any marketing strategy should consist of the following:
  • Goals
  • Target audience
  • Tactics
  • Time investment
  • Team
  1. Not knowing your target audience, all your efforts will fall short if you’re aimlessly promoting.
  2. Not appropriately addressing negative feedback.

Ignoring the negative remarks or excusing them altogether is the biggest mistake you can make as a business. 58% of negative costumer experiences are still unaddressed by companies on social media. This is your opportunity to shine! Business is always evolving and you don’t want to be left behind. Take the initiative to assess the issue(s) and make adjustments. This will impact your base audience in a positive way and reflect professionality.

  1. Limited interaction

Providing updates but not participating in conversation or other social engagement activities is another no-no.

5.Forgetting to diversify, increase engagement through the following:

  • Your blog posts, articles, videos, and photos.
  • Links to external content that is relevant to your audience’s interests.
  • Shares/ retweets from other players in your niche.

6. Low value content, posting something just to post something will go unnoticed, your content must be amazing and consistent.

7.Multiple profiles on the same platform, consolidation is key.

  1. No crass language, sex, drugs, or violence
  2. Be visibly active on your channels
  3. Stretching yourself too thin
  • When you limit your social involvement to concentrate your engagement efforts, you’ll get much better responses from your followers.