1. Beginnings- because they are the start of something new.
  2. Challenges- because they grow us.
  3. Change- because it holds promise.
  4. Computers- because now that we have them, to be without them is unimaginable.
  5. Creativity- because it inspires innovation.
  6. Constructive Criticism- because it can help shape us.
  7. Conversation- because communication is always key.
  8. Dreams- because they are just another word for goals.
  9. Disappointments- because they are necessary.
  10. Education- because you should never stop learning.
  11. Electricity- because it is finally seasonally cold.
  12. Experiences- because they offer wisdom.
  13. Failure- because that is not what defines us.
  14. Food- because it facilitates health and togetherness.
  15. Forgiveness- because it is done out of love and compassion.
  16. Friends- because they are the people who are there for us.
  17. Future- because it holds potential.
  18. Gifts- because, whether receiving or giving, they spread happiness.
  19. Health- because it is the opposite of sick.
  20. Holidays- because they give us something to celebrate.
  21. Internet- because it makes everything easier.
  22. Inspiration- because it drives us.
  23. Laughter- because it has so many benefits.
  24. Mistakes- because they point us to something we didn’t know.
  25. Opportunities-because the world is full of them.
  26. Perspective- because it balances and directs us.
  27. Possibilities- because nothing is impossible.
  28. Purpose- because without it we become lost.
  29. Relationships- because without them we would be lonely.
  30. Sharing- because it is kind.
  31. Smiling- because it makes everything better.
  32. Transportation- because we have things to do and places to be, quickly.
  33. Vision- because it propels us.
  34. Work- because it is how you stay busy.
  35. You- because everyone is contributing in their own ways.

We want to know what you are thankful for and why, leave us a comment and let us know.