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School has closed for the summer, however, much has been in the works in preparation for the new year already! While the Alabama school systems have been a topic of discussion for improvement for a number of years, our First Class Pre-K program has been ranked the nation’s best for 13 consecutive years. The good news doesn’t stop there, Governor Kay Ivey and the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Development officially announced the locations of the 164 new First Class Pre-k classrooms across 38 of the state’s counties. This program expansion will provide an important foundation to 21,636 children and add 1,202 classrooms statewide.

Their acknowledgement and action to provide the best opportunity for the children here is remarkable. In fact, their budget presentation outlines their success and goals clearly, as it has been Governor Kay Ivey’s goal to serve up to 70% of eligible 4-year-olds state wide. This is the greatest single year expansion passed by the Alabama legislature to date! Governor Kay Ivey commended Secretary Jenna Ross stating that: “By adding 164 classrooms, we are ensuring more of our youngest learners are getting a strong start to their educational journeys, which will lead them to an even stronger finish in their careers. Other states across the country want to emulate what we are doing with early childhood education here in Alabama, and much of that is thanks to the tremendous leadership of Secretary Jeana Ross.”

 Additionally, the increased budget will allocate funds, $42 million in funds to be exact, for Universities; and $18 million for Community Colleges, including a 4% raise for education employees. You can read yesterday’s Press Release here. 

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