Concerns are whirling around the internet concerning the Interstate 10 Mobile River Bridge and Bayway Project. This $2.1 billion project is intended to provide additional capacity for travelers and transporters as well as provide safer and better travel experiences. Pre-project, traffic has been jamming up at the Wallace Tunnel on Interstate 10 and there have been numerous accidentals due to the congestion on this route. The ALDOT presentation referenced that during rush hour alone there were 132 crashes last year. Congestion on the road way could delay commuters up to 30 minutes while accidents delayed commuters up to 75 minutes. Their calculations determined there is a 25% chance drivers would be delayed due to a crash and a 33% chance due to only congestion to or from work. The ALDOT presentation can be viewed here.

The cost of this project would seem outrageous but nearly $1 billion of the $2.1 billion cost is due to FHWA regulations. Regulations require new bridges to be at an elevation above 100-year storm surges. For a better understanding on what 100-year storm surges are click here or here.

The bridge would be nearly as tall as the Golden Gate Bridge and the construction is projected to be completed by 2025.


  • Local businesses are concerned the toll will negatively affect earnings.
  • Logistics companies & trucking firms are especially concerned about the possible $36 per truck toll.
  • Local commuters are concerned about the possible one-way toll of $6.

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