On Tuesday, November 14 the Hodges Warehouse + Logistics family attended the 35th Annual Economic Summit at the Wynlakes Country Club, those who attended for Hodges were: Lance Hunter, Paul Hodges, Shane Parish, Ena Park, Amy Johnson, Vanessa Cunningham, Jake Odom, and Jake Pugh. We thought the presentations were excellent. Interesting and informative. Frank Litchfield a local architect, and Amy Johnson with Sterling Bank, sat with the Hodges team at the event. The team loved the presentations and thought they were extremely informative and presented information that was a bit shocking and exciting at the same time. You can find all of the presentations at: http://cppj.aum.edu/theforum

“A strong case was made for increased careful immigration, a position that the Hodges organization supports.” stated Lance, CEO of Hodges Warehouse + Logistics.


He also added, “There is a great deal of uncertainty in the economic environment, but the most likely scenario presented was more of the same we have recently experienced with a slow increase in interest rates. However, many things could completely change that outlook.”