It is extremely disheartening to imagine a child waking up on Christmas morning filled with joy and happiness, running to see all of the presents Santa Claus piled high underneath the Christmas tree to only find nothing. Imagine being that child, maybe you were that child at one point, how would it feel to get the pure joy sucked right out of your soul at such a young age? If you guessed horrible, you would be right.

Toys For Tots was established to avoid those sorrowful Christmas mornings that thousands of children have every year. Hodges Commercial Real Estate has partnered up with Montgomery’s local Toys For Tots and is donating 12,000 SQFT of warehouse space for the toys that are collected. This will ensure the toys that are donated will stay safe and dry until they are reunited with deserving children. At Hodges, we want to be a part of the joyous time when a child wakes up to a brand new toy on Christmas morning all because of the selfless donations given to Toys For Tots.

Visit the Montgomery’s Toys For Tots website for information on how to donate: